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Camille Picquot

Young talent photographer of the 2013 Planche (s) Contact festival

© Camille Picquot for Board (s) Contact 2013

Wave mechanics

"Wave mechanics is the fruit of urban wanderings in the Pays d'Auge, of daily observations and unexpected encounters. Certain visual incongruities provided the genesis of this project: Deauville allows the coexistence of reality and fiction. Via different registers of images, these photographs aim to offer an unexpected vision of the city and capture the unpredictable, embodying fleetingness. It is a matter of offering a modern aesthetic and a breach of escape by imbibing a very real context A way of probing through photography the forms of poetry in our time. This project was developed with the inhabitants of Deauville. Each scene is the product of an exchange with the model, reinforcing the narrative scope of the images. together was created as an invitation to travel. "