Yves Petit from Voize

Artistic director of the Deauville Easter Festival

The musicians of the Easter Festival: "thoroughbred of the sixteenth note!"

Founder with Roger Godino of the Academy Festival of the Arcs in 1972 ‚Yves Petit de Voize directed many festivals and musical seasons: Royaumont‚ Fondation Maeght ‚Saint-Maximin‚ Théâtre de l'Épée de Bois ‚Biennale de la Musique de Lyon. Magazine editor diapason‚Vice-president of Radio Classique‚ artistic director of the Montreux Festival‚In 1997 he founded the Deauville Easter festivals and Cordes-sur-Ciel where soloists such as Renaud Capuçon ‚Jérémie Rhorer‚ Jérôme Ducros ‚Jérôme Pernoo‚ Nicholas Angelich ‚Bertrand Chamayou‚ Jonas Vitaud ‚Julien Chauvin were revealed.

Musical advisor to the Singer-Polignac Foundation, an extraordinary place where the history of twentieth century music was written, Yves Petit de Voize leads the policy for welcoming and promoting young artists. It is here that he prepares each year the Easter meeting that he founded in 1996 in Deauville: the Easter Festival. "My best memory of the festival was during the first edition: we landed in Deauville with about sixty musicians to create an absolutely phenomenal orchestra with people who were all great soloists. We had set up an orchestra like it had never existed in France, with the conductor Emmanuel Krivine, the great pianist Maria João Pires. This orchestra hit the headlines because it was made up of sixty stars of the new generation ! ", remembers Yves Petit de Voize." After that, the orchestra went boneless in seven or eight concerts. We spent ten days in Deauville, discovering the Elie de Brignac room, which still smelled of horses [the establishment, ideally suited to chamber music, has also been the stronghold of yearling sales in Deauville since 1986], to discover the city, to survey the Planches ... All this, in the company of the friends of Philippe Augier [the mayor of Deauville], Bruno Mazure and Patrick Poivre d'Arvor who called us the thoroughbreds of the double-eighth note ! It was the first year, pioneer, of discovery, between sun and music, and all that Deauville offers to people. And this has been going on for twenty years! "

Four generations of artists have grown up with the Easter Festival, whose primary vocation is to bring out young talents. Praised by all, the spirit of the festival, at the same time enthusiastic, joyful and hardworking, counts as much as its programming, which gives to listen to masterpieces but also rarer works of the repertoire. "The Deauville festival is first and foremost full of fellow musicians linked by this joyous Norman adventure. They are the midnight baths, the races, the fictionalized stories of Yves, the giggles with the mayor", says double bass player Yann Dubost. For David Kadouch, pianist, the Deauville festival is "one of the first to have trusted him. The one who gives him total freedom in what he wishes to undertake"; it is "this family which meets once or twice a year [during musical August] to make music near the sea".

Many emerging artists whose potential Yves petit de Voize saw first participated in the Deauville Easter Festival, before occupying the first ranks of notoriety. Originally, Renaud Capuçon, Nicholas Angelich, Jérôme Pernoo and Jérôme Ducros, co-founders of the festival, wanted to "found a common house where to play with friends all the chamber music combining strings, winds, vocals, keyboards and percussions. From the trio. to the chamber symphony, and from Bach to Ligeti ", recalls Yves Petit de Voize. Since 1997, strong in this spirit of cooptation, a host of young instrumentalists have revealed themselves there, dubbed by elders who are always benevolent. Many groups have also imagined themselves there, such as the Circle of Harmony.


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