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High fashion designer

The chic of Les Planches

Jean Patou has left its mark on the history of fashion in France and around the world. Avant-garde, hard worker, always in a hurry, he developed a style and a business.

His timeless style, which skillfully mixes chic and relaxed, in the morning and in the evening, was expressed through fashion for all ages which reflected above all absolute modernity, just like his life. His business, which experienced rapid expansion from its inception, was addressed in the 1924s to a cosmopolitan clientele. America called him "the most elegant man in Europe".

He had a sense of marketing before the letter. He launched the first sun oil "Chaldea oil" in 1927. He created many perfumes, including Joy the perfume that has become legendary today. He was the first to organize show parades and to recruit American models to parade in France.

In 1924, he opened a branch of his Parisian fashion house in Deauville. “Le Pavillon des Bains”, an ephemeral boutique located a stone's throw from the sea, only opens in season. For the famous couturier, it is a showcase for sports fashion that allows new freedom of movement.

Accustomed to the Deauville casino, whose silent presence at the gaming table in the company of André Citroën or Charles Hennessy is the delight of worldly chronicles, he does not hesitate to drive from Paris, driving his luxurious car sports car, a Farman, convertible racing car that he drives in gloves and leather helmet. In Deauville, we always meet him on the terrace of the Sun bar, light gabardine pants, two-tone shoes, white shirt and striped tie under a simple cashmere cardigan. A male version of "sportswear" as propelled by him and his colleagues in the early 20s.