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Wednesday December 8 | TOUQUES

Musical show for young audiences: "Pareidolies"


10:00 - 11:30



Mandatory for individual
+09 72 19 02 03
By email

Musical show for young audiences "Pareidolies" by the company Murmures du Son, with Benjamin André.
In his sound garden, in the middle of his instruments, there is him and there is the other. He does what he can do best: music.
It is his daily life, his routine, his hobby. This is its reason for being there. But when the vibrations of his instruments no longer resonate with him, he understands that he has to face something new: change.
By modifying his environment, he will then reinvent his home and give a new face to his creativity. The instruments are transformed, sing, dance, discuss, heckle ...
And when calm finally returns, it is only to better welcome another voice. A multiple voice coming from the one we saw but that we did not look at… the other.

Hall Charles de Gaulle Avenue