Saturday May 21 | VILLERS-SUR-MER
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Concert: "Wok'n'Woll"



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Base rate: € 19,00

Reduced price: 16,00 €

Child rate: € 10,00

Family package: € 48,00

A violinist, vocal polymorph and his pianist sidekick with an irresistible comic verve, take you into their different musical universes, at a frantic pace, with humor and madness. A show to discover with the family from 8 years old.

"Wok'n'Woll" is a real melodious cartoon presented by musicians as virtuoso as they are hilarious. Notice to gourmets of humor, here is a tasty burlesque recital, absurd and offbeat, which will make the whole family laugh!

From the first notes played, the great works become subject to an imaginary world, and the burlesque relationship develops between the two characters. The playing space is transformed over the musical phrases and invites the spectators into the dreamlike universe of the two performers.

Music no longer has borders, melodies mix, intertwine, disappear to better reappear, musicians juggle notes, send them to each other, send them back and bring them out of the frame with brilliant ingenuity and humour.

A musical show that brings together like a wok (the wok 'n woll) in an artistic performance whose creativity is close to that of the great masters such as Tchaikovsky, Bach, or Chico before he left the Gipsy Kings.

“The fullness of a lunar and irresistibly comic nature, in their deceptive attire as conservatory musicians. »
The voice of the North

“Thanks to their virtuosity, the two musicians are able to appropriate all styles of music to illustrate their quirky universe. »
The Republican Berry

Company Delirium musicalia
Kordian Heretynsky: violin
Pierre-Damien Fitzner: piano
Assistant director: Eléonore Louis
Artists: Kordian Heretynski, Pierre-Damien Fitzner
Director: Ricardo Lo Giudice, Patrick de Valette

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