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Friday October 22 | TOUQUES

Theater: "Un Normand in Paris"


20:30 - 21:45


Base rate: € 5,00

Reduced price: 2,50 €

Like many Parisians, Camille sublets her apartment to put a little butter in the spinach. Today even she receives her new tenant: Gérard, a Norman who cares little about visiting the capital and has rather decided to play the incrustations! And now, in addition, Fred arrives, Camille's ex! The shared apartment for 3 promises to be explosive!

A modern, fine and funny comedy where we have fun with Paris / provincial clichés, but always with kindness.

Company: Cie Libre à nous!
Director: Florence Fakhimi
Cast: Florence Fakhimi, Vincent Varinier, Fabrice Pannetier

Hall Charles de Gaulle Avenue