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Friday November 26 | TOUQUES

Theater: "Here for the currency"




Base rate: € 5,00

Reduced price: 2,50 €

Money has no smell, but when it comes to stealing it some people have noses. On Christmas Eve, Mathieu, manager of a village grocery store, is about to close his shop when Sébastien, a neighbor and on the verge of bankruptcy bursts in: it's a robbery! Sébastien unfolds, not without difficulty, his action plan when Delphine, a single mother, arrives in turn with the same intention: to steal Mathieu's cash register. Two heists in the same evening, maybe two too many. It follows a confrontation full of tension, low blows and reversals of situations. From misunderstandings to betrayals, our three characters are not ready to forget this incredible epic!

Hall Charles de Gaulle Avenue