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Sunday March 14 | DEAUVILLE
Casino Barrière Deauville

Theater: "Bonne pioche"



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Clémentine and Benjamin form “THE” ideal couple. A little too much elsewhere…. Iris, infernal and sparkling sister-in-law of Clémentine, is going to sow her discord. Much too much besides… Franck, stupid best friend of Benjamin, will undergo all this fuss. And besides, enough is enough ... All these little people have common interests: in family, in work, in leisure. When one morning, Iris finds himself in the street and Franck at the door of his house, they have no other choice but to come and squat with Clémentine and Benjamin. Hell sets in at home.

Welcome to the settling of scores, to the exchanges where the truths can be good to say (…. Or not!) To find a certain serenity. But it's not won! Misunderstandings, low blows, scathing and irresistible lines on the menu of a wild quartet in a merry boxing with a particularly unexpected happy ending.

From the bestselling authors of "My Mother-in-Law, My Ex and Me", "Goodbye and Thank You", "Good News Station" and "Coup de clffe".

With Philippe Risoli and Elisa Servier.

Casino Barrière Deauville 2 rue Edmond Blanc

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