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Saturday October 2 | DEAUVILLE
Church of St. Augustine

Concert: the most beautiful Ave Maria and sacred songs




Base rate: € 39,00 gold square

Base rate: € 33,00

Base rate: € 29,00 over 60 years

Created in 1990, the Russian spiritual choir "Art'O'Dox" performs all over the world and will be in churches and cathedrals of France to present a repertoire of the most Beautiful Ave Maria and Sacred Chants.
The Choir is made up of 18 singers who have all won numerous national and international awards in the "Sacred Chants" category.
Under the direction of Tatiana Izhogina, the artists carry on the great tradition of Russian spiritual chants in cathedrals.
For the tour, they have invited some of the best soloists from Moscow Opera, whom they will accompany with their powerful and deep voices.
On the program, an anthology of the Most Beautiful Ave Maria and Sacred Songs. Great artists for an exceptional repertoire.

Church of St. Augustine Church Square