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Thursday October 14 | DEAUVILLE
The Franciscans - Deauville

The Franciscans remember: Queen Marie-Christine of Spain by Sylvie Ancelot


17:00 - 18:00


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When, in 1922, Alphonse XIII, created the event in Deauville, he evokes the memories of his grandmother, Isabelle II, on vacation on the Côte Fleurie from 1869. Already in 1856, the latter's mother, Marie -Christine de Bourbon Sicile, in exile in Paris, chooses Trouville, the summer capital where she meets artists and aristocrats from European courts, diplomats, actors and political decision-makers, future investors who, from La Cahotte, "look at the large neighboring spaces ", like a certain Marquis de Salamanca, future owner of Villa Salamanca (later Villa Camélia) and adviser to the former sovereign.

Sylvie Ancelot, was a lecturer at the Diplomatic School of Madrid. Senior lecturer at the Institut d'Études Politiques in Paris, since March 2021 she has been vice-consul of Spain for Normandy.

A meeting proposed by the Franciscans / Deauvillle in collaboration with the review Athéna sur la Touques

The Franciscans - Deauville 145B avenue de la République