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Friday December 3 | DEAUVILLE
The Franciscans - Deauville

The Franciscans on stage: Dario Fo / Guillaume Gallienne - "François, the saint juggler"


19:30 - 20:45


Base rate: € 32,00

Subscriber rate: € 24,00 Friendciscaines subscribers

Reduced price: 6,00 € under 18, students, beneficiaries of social minima

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"See how strange the world is: to make yourself listen to men, you have to talk to birds!"

Francis, a man of faith, travels through 1997th century Umbria, with his companions in poverty. Dario Fo, heir to the Commedia dell'arte, Nobel Prize for Literature XNUMX, reveals here his vision of Saint Francis of Assisi. A hymn to life and a masterful interpretation by Guillaume Gallienne.

Alone on stage, Guillaume Gallienne, embodies Saint Francis and around thirty characters. On his way, he restores the churches, negotiates with the wolf of Gubbio, speaks with the birds, and tells in the vulgar language the Gospel which was transmitted only in Latin. In five tableaux and a prologue, this earthy work written in 1999 is a show that ironically denounces the unique thought of the Middle Ages, the drifts of money and power, manipulation, war ... and all forms of dogmatism .

A text by Dario Fo created in 1999
Interpretation: Guillaume Gallienne
Director: Claude Mathieu
Adaptation and translation: Toni Cecchinato and Nicole Colchat
Lights: Denis Koransky
Production: A show presented by La Comédie-Française / Studio Théâtre. Show created at the Studio-Théâtre de La Comédie-Française in May 2006.

During the Deauville 2010 meetings, Guillaume Gallienne came to read, at the Point de Vue de Deauville, alongside Paul Giannoli, the words of Pascal and Alexandre Jardin. Three years later, "Les Garçons et Guillaume à table", his first film as a director, won the Michel d'Ornano prize at the 2013 American Film Festival. Since then, on France Inter, the star resident of the Comedy -French, revealed to us and made us hear many texts in "Ca can pas hurt". Deauville is delighted to invite Guillaume Gallienne, actor, director and great lover of texts, on the Franciscan stage. All the more so as the Franciscan chapel, which has become a performance hall, is adorned with stained glass windows relating the life of Saint Francis, a relic of which is set in the building.

The Franciscans - Deauville 145B avenue de la République