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From Thursday June 3 to Tuesday October 5 | VILLERS-SUR-MER
The Villare

The Villaré exhibitions


09: 30 - 12: 30 / 14: 00 - 18: 00


Free entrée libre

Le Villare, cultural and associative space. de Villers-sur-Mer, offers various artists' exhibitions every week.

> June 3 to 8: paintings by Bruno Caillé. Varied, bright, sensitive and colorful watercolors.
> June 10 to 15: paintings by Marijo Alice, who will share his abstract paintings and positive emotions.
> June 17 to 22: paintings and sculptures by Catherine Schuck, painter from the School of Fine Arts in Caen in figurative and abstract styles, and Roseline Bouret, sculptor on wood, earthenware and porcelain who will exhibit her unique works and evocative.
> June 17 to 22: plastic arts by Joëlle Ortega-Valverde, international professional visual artist and novelist, who has exhibited in Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Israel, Portugal, Spain, France…
> July 1 to 6: paintings by Olivia Chantreux. A painting in search of brilliance, light and vivid colors inspired by the image.
> July 8 to 13: paintings by Pascal Benoit, artist in connection with nature, of which he is the main source of inspiration for evocative compositions.
> July 15 to 20: paintings by: Thierry Alonso and Monique Marie
> July 22 to 27: paintings by the new painters of the Estuary, a collective of 15 painters from the Seine Estuary.
> July 29 to August 3: photographs by Christian Deroche.
> August 5 to 10: Fanchon Chinardet
> August 12 to 17: paintings by Philippe Ecot and Cachelou, presenting landscapes, flowers and interiors, between realism and figuration.
> August 26 to 31: paintings by Hélène Garcia-Dutilleul, in a figurative, ornamental and colorful style.
> September 9 to 14: paintings by Alain Martin.
> September 16 to 21: photocollages by Camille Hermant and animal sculptures by Jean-Phillipe Hausey-Leplat.
> September 22 to 28: paintings by Jean-Pierre Botrel, between oils and watercolors inspired by the sea, the landscapes.
> September 30 to October 5: paintings by Fleur Helluin

The Villare Du General de Gaulle street 26