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Monday August 17 | VILLERS-SUR-MER

The Audiovisuals of Jean-Pierre Loevenbruck


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Thematic screenings every Monday in July and August to discover a piece of history from Villers-sur-Mer.

July 6: A great composer in Villers, Charles Koechlin
Polytechnician, student of Fauré, the composer Charles Koechlin (1867-1950) loved Villers very much where he lived and left many traces. His rich and innovative work was always supported by a rigorous reflection on composition and harmony. An open mind, he was also interested in painting, 3D photography as well as astronomy and paleontology.

July 13: Honfleur or La Claire put into the Seine (remastered in 2019)
Honfleur, port of sailors, city of art. Let's follow in the footsteps of Samuel de Champlain, Eugène Boudin, Charles Baudelaire, Erik Satie, Alphonse Allais! Magnificent images detail the charms of one of the treasures of Normandy.

July 20:
- Villers Formerly (in collaboration with Pierre Sénéchaut)
History of the village of Villers-sur-mer from origins to 1914, using archival documents, collections of postcards 1900, books, drawings, paintings and old posters. Recorded testimonies bring authenticity and emotion.
- The stained glass windows of the Saint-Martin de Villers church
An exceptional collection of stained glass from the 19th century, due to the glass artist Duhamel-Marette d'Évreux. You do not suspect its richness.

July 27 and August 10: Villare Supra Mare
A video team shoots a documentary on the Romans in Villers-sur-Mer. The director is the victim of several attempted murders. Serious and wacky at the same time, this crazy film sheds light, worthy of Alphonse Allais, on the traces that the Latins left us in Normandy.

August 3: The tumultuous life of General Fonsallet de Villers
A fanciful documentary: Thanks to the Historical Dictionary, written by the General, we discover the mysteries of Villers - from the Falaise to Mont Canisy via the Marais. Researchers and collectors as well as enthusiastic Villersois help us to retrace the engaging and penetrating journey of this mysterious character, disappeared in 2010, who knew how to soak up the soul of Villers for almost a century.

August 17: Villers during the War of 39-45 (designed with Pierre Sénéchaut)
Produced in 1984 thanks to the assistance of witnesses, today almost all of them missing, this evocation, illustrated with numerous documents loaned by the Villersois, makes us relive a painful past, steeped in history and, now, already distant. Very moving !

August 24: La La Mer
A musical comedy shot in Villers. Hot water bottles are trafficked in Villers where a Franco-British couple will tear each other apart, while fighting against criminals who smuggle calvados to England. Villersois sing and dance. A well-crafted scenario punctuates the action until the end.

August 31: The Table
Hamlet revisited - an astonishing tribute to William Shakespeare, probes the heart of a contemporary family. Enthusiasts of history and ecology of picturesque characters explore the shortcomings of modernity by appealing to the fantastic.

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