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Sunday November 7 | DEAUVILLE
Lawn of the Royal (access by Le Point de Vue)

The Franciscans on the track: Cie Max et Maurice - "De A à Zèbre"


15:00 - 16:30


Base rate: € 26,00

Subscriber rate: € 19,00 Friendciscaines subscribers

Reduced price: 6,00 € under 18, students, beneficiaries of social minima

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Five years ago, the Cirque Max et Maurice, delighted us with "Les Grands Fourneaux", a dinner show under a marquee. This time and for their farewell tour, the show comes in the form of a facetious primer, with 26 sequences and 26 numbers, carried by seven circus artists and three musicians.
"Letter or not letter", such is the question which will be answered, from A to Zebra, an acrobat, an ace of the acrobatic bicycle, clowns, a contortionist, a tightrope walker, a juggler, a carrier and master of the flying rope , a trapeze artist, an acrobat ... All accomplices and faithful to the spirit of this animal-free circus company, which combines poetry, humor and performances. An exhilarating spectacle from which one emerges the light spirit, with a big smile on the edges of the lips.

"L'Abécédaire is an infinite space of play. The freedom emanating from this straitjacket allows me to give free rein to all my moods, my loves, my pleasures." Emmanuel Gilleron, author and director

From 6 years.

Writing and direction: Emmanuel Gilleron - Music: Cyriaque Bellot
With Cyriaque Bellot, Stéphanie Bouchard, Seydouba Camara, Sandrine Colombet, Emmanuel Gilleron, Rubén Martin Urdiales, Yui Sakagoshi, Camille Toyer, Olivier Verzelen.
Decorators: Jean Loison and Capucine Brisset
Painter: Patrick Lepetit - Light creation: Niko - General manager of the marquee: Olivier Verzelen
Production AZIMUT Association, Max & Maurice Company
Company approved by the Ministry of Culture / DRAC Normandy and by the Normandy Region.
With the support of the Departmental Council of Calvados and the ODIA Normandie.
Aid for the creation of the Ministry of Culture DGCA and Adami.

A show hosted by the Franciscans / Deauville with the support of ODIA Normandie (Normandy Artistic Information and Dissemination Office)

Lawn of the Royal (access by Le Point de Vue) Boulevard of the Sea