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From Wednesday 19 May 2021 to Sunday 2 January 2022 | VILLERS-SUR-MER
The Paléospace - Musée de France

Temporary exhibition: Croc '! Evolutionary history


Base rate: € 8,90 Included in the visit of the Paléospace

Reduced price: 6,90 € Included in the visit of the Paléospace

Easily identifiable thanks to their flattened body, crocodiles have skin covered with large scales and a mouth with large conical teeth that leave no doubt about their carnivorous diet.
Often feared, crocodiles have always fascinated men who have created cults around these animals.
However, the trade in meat and skins, aided by the destruction of natural environments, endanger many species that must now be protected.
This exhibition allows you to discover the evolution of these surprising animals ranging from fossil specimens 250 million years old to current crocodiles over 4 m long!
A fun area allows a discovery with the family.

The Paléospace - Musée de France 5 Avenue Jean Moulin