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Friday December 17 | TOUQUES

Conference by Sylvie Ancelot: "Gastronomy and politics"

Sylvie Ancelot was an interpreter and protocol officer at the Office International des Epizooties (OMS) then head of Franco-Spanish programs and partnerships at the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIP). For many years, she was a lecturer at the Diplomatic School of Madrid and at Sciences-Po Paris. After an international career, Hispanic and Hispanic, she has just been appointed Honorary Vice-Consul of Spain in Le Havre.

Gastronomy of politics, politics of gastronomy? Beyond the anecdotes, gastronomy fascinates. It refers to cultural, historical and societal questions. Applied to politics, it is a source of astonishment and pleasure. It is a reflection of society, a real political object in itself and… of all political activities, diplomacy is closest to gastronomy.

Sylvie Ancelot is invited to the Vladimir Fedorovski series of lectures.

Hall Charles de Gaulle Avenue