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Saturday March 20 | DEAUVILLE
Casino Barrière Deauville

Show: "Hors frontières" - The hypnotists


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Recommended for individuals
Recommended for groups
02 31 14 31 14
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Tickets also on sale in tourist information offices inDeauville

A word or a press of the thumb on the forehead is enough to instantly put their subject to sleep. Then it's a breeze ... to disgust him of cigarettes, to rid him of his phobias or addictions. The power of these fascinators has no limits. Participants or simple spectators fall in love. A funny, stunning and therapeutic show!

1st part: 1h20 of show
intermission 15 mins
2nd part: conference with the public in the form of questions and answers on hypnosis

Casino Barrière Deauville 2 rue Edmond Blanc

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