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From Saturday August 8 to Sunday August 23 | TOURGEVILLE
The old thatched cottage, Le Bourg

Exhibition: Rahmani "the new impressionist"





In the tradition of MONET, CEZANNE, MATISSE, VAN GOGH and VLAMINCK, its inspirers, André RAHMANI has been painting landscapes and portraits in nuances for over 40 years.
Surrounded by a family of painters and designers, who encouraged him in this way, he then had as professor Albert ANDEREGG who taught drawing in SWITZERLAND and Roger CHAPELAIN-MIDY who taught painting at the School of Fine Arts from Paris.
His canvases of lively and light pigmentation are treated by contrasting brush effects reminiscent of the Impressionist period.
His perception of color and light are also embellished by fine and rapid touches.
Because of this, he manages to restore a caressing and intangible luminosity to us through his original "kick".
Its delicate spontaneity allows it to go beyond the description and to suggest the atmosphere with softened vibrations of serene poetry.
Cheerful, lively, sparkling, are the first adjectives that come to mind.
Its shimmering colors and this breath of freshness give its oil paintings chromatic play with infinite modulations.

Open daily from 15h to 19h.
Opening Tuesday August 11 from 17 p.m. to 20 p.m.

The old thatched cottage, Le Bourg Opposite the church

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