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Thursday April 29 | DEAUVILLE
Centre International de Deauville

Show: Jeff Panacloc


Base rate: € 65,00 Seated numbered - Carré Or

Base rate: € 56,00 1st Category

Base rate: € 40,00 2nd Category

Base rate: € 52,00 CE 1st Category



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For this original show, it is with undisguised emotion that Jeff Panacloc invites his audience to embark on his new attraction. Welcome to the "Jeff Panacloc Adventure"!
Climb into the basket and let yourself be carried away on a great journey. Fasten your safety harnesses and let Jeff, Jean-Marc and their new friends guide you, each more degenerate than the last. Surrounded by a musical universe and a tailor-made decor, Jeff offers you a formidable performance with an uncompromising or forbidden humor of which only he has the secret.

Centre International de Deauville 1 avenue Lucien Barrière

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