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Saturday August 22 | DEAUVILLE
The Mesnil Mauger

Guided tour of Haras d'Ecajeul and tasting


Base rate: € 12,00

Child rate: € 6,00 5 12-years

e-Ticket - 5 years



Online here

Jean-Luc and Isabelle Bara, owners of Haras d'Ecajeul, organize guided tours at the heart of their facilities. Jean-Luc guides visitors through the stables, the meadow and the loin ring.

It all starts in the courtyard, with a presentation of the Pays d'Auge and the quality of its terroir for breeding. Jean-Luc accesses the boxes to take out the horses and explain the morphology of the equines: proportion of muscles, solid forearms and short barrel. During the visit, Jean-Luc details the entire life cycle of the horse (mating, birth in spring, training, races), as well as the levels of races, the distances on the racetracks, the circuit world, endowments, jockeys material and registration books.

But what calls out the most is the original and famous method used by Jean-Luc for breaking up: the method of whisperers, revealed in the film "The man who whispered in the ears of horses", consisting of better understand the horse's behavior and establish a natural relationship with it, without coercion or violence. Obvious for Jean-Luc who, from the popularization of whisperers in the 2000s, applied this method of gentle riding.

The visit ends with a snack concocted by Isabelle. To be enjoyed by the fireplace in winter, or in the garden with a view of the horses in summer.

Duration: 1h15.
Haras d'Ecajeul is located on the departmental road D16, at the intersection opposite terminal 6.

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