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Thursday July 15 | DEAUVILLE
Church of St. Augustine

Corsican polyphonies concert with Jean-Paul Poletti & the Sartène Choir




Adult price: 20,00 €

Free Less than 12 years

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Tickets also on sale in tourist information offices inDeauville

The Sartène Choir joined Jean-Paul Poletti in 1995. Together, they practice traditional polyphony, Franciscan religious polyphony which expresses "humble, beautiful art, concerned with perfection". The Choir of Sartène is THE reference in polyphony and revives a thousand-year-old background of which the monks of the San Damianu convent on the heights of Sartène were custodians.
The repertoire is largely made up of choir creations.

Church of St. Augustine Avenue Florian de Kergorlay