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Saturday September 26 | DEAUVILLE
Elie de Brignac establishments

Backstage tour of a horse sale


Base rate: € 10,00



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Take advantage of a unique visit to discover the closed world of horse sales! Accompanied by a guide, go behind the scenes of a sale during which, by retracing the history of sales in Deauville, you will follow the journey of a buyer, from the inspection of horses in the courtyards to the passage in the ring.

It all starts in the lessons, with the presentation of the sales catalog that the buyer consults to find the key information on the horses present: pedigrees, lines, performances and winners. The horses, taken out of their box, are inspected with a fine comb by the buyers before going towards the round of presentation. Here, visitors can discover the horses held in their hands and watch how they move.

The visit concludes in the auction room, a key stage in the auction, where everyone has a specific role. We discover the auctioneer, real conductor of the sale accompanied by the auctioneer, as well as the spotters, who, placed around the ring, are on the lookout for the slightest gesture of buyers to locate an offer.

Duration: 30 minutes.

Elie de Brignac establishments

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