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From Monday July 20 to Sunday August 30 | DEAUVILLE
Avenue Lucien Barrière

24 Hours For The Ocean - "Amazonia" Exhibition - 10th prize from the Carmignac Foundation


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Between January and July 2019, the Italian photojournalist Tommaso Protti, accompanied by the British journalist Sam Cowie, traveled thousands of kilometers through the Brazilian Amazon to produce this report. From the Maranhão region in the east, to that of Rondônia in the west, passing through the states of Pará and the Amazonas, they paint a portrait of the contemporary Brazilian Amazon, where social and humanitarian crises are superimpose the inexorable destruction of the virgin forest, the planet's lung.

"I wanted to illustrate the social transformations by denouncing the massacre and destruction that are taking place in the region. These different forms of violence are the consequences of changes in the international market and those of an exponential increase in consumption to the globally, from cocaine to beef. Scientists agree that the forest is on the verge of reaching a point of no return: deforestation, fueled by the illegal timber trade, land grabbing land, agricultural expansion, the development of private and state projects and the extraction of resources are all causes of it. I think it is important to raise public awareness on this subject and to question what is in happening. " Tommaso Protti

The Carmignac Photojournalism Prize supports, each year, the production of a photographic and journalistic investigative report on human rights violations in the world and the environmental and geostrategic stakes related to them. Info:

Black and white photo © Tommaso Protti for Fondation Carmignac
Araribóia, Maranhão. A Guajajara forest guard in front of the sad sight of a tree felled by illegal loggers in the Araribóia reserve. Faced with large budget cuts affecting environmental protection agencies and indigenous peoples, the Amazon tribes form their own defense groups.

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