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Normandy is the emblematic region of the apple, it is found in all its forms including a variety of golden spirits that the whole world envies. These beverages hide a know-how of several generations, several centuries or even almost a millennium. Cider, Calvados and Pommeau are all linked in their manufacturing process but all have their own secrets that you can discover by visiting the domains and distilleries of the territory.

At the origin of the three Norman alcohols

Castle of Breuil
The Cider
From the ripe apples fallen from the tree is made a juice which, after fermentation of several months, gives birth to cider whose bubbles roll along the palate, letting explode in mouth the flavors of apples of
Normandy apples. In the Pays d'Auge, ciders are slightly sweet and acidic, which makes them thirst-quenching and gives them an alcohol content of between 3.5% and 4.5%.
Note! Only semi-dry ciders that meet very precise specifications can obtain the Pays d'Auge Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

Calvados is born from cider, an aromatic nectar with a beautiful vermilion color. After a long fermentation of the cider, it is then distilled twice for many months before being put in oak barrels where it is peacefully left to age and mature. However, two years are the minimum required for it to obtain the AOC Calvados Pays d'Auge appellation.

The Pommeau
The cider and the calvados allowed the creation, in 1982, of the Pommeau, sweet and powerful at the same time mixing these two alcohols. The Calvados used is aged for at least 2 years and then the mixture is left to age for 18 months, its alcohol content then reaching about 18%.

Discovering the distilleries

Calvados Experience, a multi-sensory museum

In the heart of its birthplace, in Pont l'Evêque, embark on a unique historical experience by going back in time from the Vikings to our days on the tracks of Calvados, this elixir known throughout the world. This sensory journey will reveal the secrets and mysteries of the production process, from the apple to the bottle, ending your visit with a tasting of the best vintages. 

Calvados Père Magloire, l'Experience

Route de Trouville
02 31 64 30 31

The Calvados of the 5 senses at the Château du Breuil

See, touch, smell, listen and taste .... Here is the program of the Château du Breuil to deliver you the secrets of manufacture of Calvados Pays d'Auge and its V.I.P, its Very Important Apple! With its 22,000 apple trees it is undoubtedly the queen of the domain, if you also want to meet this guest of honour go to the Château du Breuil-en-Auge. You can enjoy a nice walk in the park and picnic in the middle of the apple trees. 

La Spiriterie Française - Château du Breuil - Normandie

Les Jourdains
02 31 65 60 09
02 31 65 60 00

At Calvados Christian Drouin

Drouin Calvados is a family-run distillery located in authentic half-timbered buildings dating from the 7th century. The orchards preserve ancestral varieties of apples from the Pays d'Auge with a unique taste that gives the products an exceptional quality. Drouin Calvados has received more than 160 gold medals and awards! You can visit the estate to discover all the stages of cider and Calvados production, then taste Calvados from special vintages.

Calvados Christian Drouin

1895 route de Trouville
02 31 64 30 05

At the Manor of Apreval

The Manoir d'Apreval has no less than 17 varieties of apples in its orchard, which is certified organic and covers 25 hectares. These varieties allow the creation of Cidres, Calvados and apple juice typical of the Pays d'Auge. Guided tours and tastings are possible in the summer as well as a picnic area under the apple trees.

Manoir D'Apreval

15 chemin des Mesliers
02 31 14 88 24

Distillerie Busnel SAS

The Busnel distillery, created in 1820 by Ernest Busnel, is the oldest of the great Calvados houses. In Cormeilles, in the heart of the Pays d'Auge, it has an ancestral know-how but is constantly innovating with new products combining tradition and modernity.

Distillerie Busnel SAS

Route de Lisieux
02 32 57 38 80

Domaine de la Pommeraie

In a typically Norman setting located in the heart of the Pays d'Auge, in Gonneville sur Honfleur, with its thatched houses, the Domaine de la Pommeraie will reveal the fabulous history of Calvados... All the buildings built in the old style benefit from the latest modern techniques for storage and distillation.

Domaine de la Pommeraie

The village
02 31 89 20 11
06 07 67 50 60

The Cider Route

The Cider Route is a 40 km tourist itinerary that passes through the most beautiful manor houses, the most beautiful castles and the most beautiful typical villages of the Pays d'Auge. Along this route, you will find more than fifteen producers who will invite you to come and taste their best cider in their cellars. You will also be able to meet other manufacturers of artisanal products such as wool or dairy products.

Discovering local beers!

The Bel Orge Brewery

Benoît Boisanfray has always been immersed in the world of brewing, his grandfather was a brewer in Calvados. Since 2016, he brews with love, passion and respect for the raw materials no less than four beers in his microbrewery Bel Orge. Having the Organic Agriculture (AB) label sounded like an obvious choice for Benoît, who also tries to use the most local ingredients possible. His beers are inspired by traditional British beers, less sweet than their Belgian cousins, and very aromatic. Blonde and round with wheat, White light with a touch of coriander, Copper Ale delicate or Black with character, choose the one that suits you!
It is possible to visit the workshop for free every Saturday (5 people maximum) to learn all about the techniques and secrets of beer brewing! The brewery is also open every day for take-away sales.

Bel Orge Brewery

6 rue des Grives
06 71 61 55 62

Contact us :
+33 (0)2 31 14 40 00

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