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Canon Castle Park and Gardens

Castle Avenue


  • Remarkable garden
  • Normandy Quality Tourism
  • Toutourism




Preserved intact since the 18th century, the Canon domain was created by Jean-Baptiste Elie de Beaumont, famous lawyer of the Age of Enlightenment who marked with his spirit and his personality the architectural and landscape ensemble of Canon. This area is classified as a Historic Monument and benefits from the Remarkable Garden label, due to the exceptional set of its regular flowerbeds, its wild groves, and its period factories (Chinese kiosks, Greek-Roman temple). Called a transition garden, it is designed both French and English, and teems with a multitude of streams, waterfalls, canals, which accompany the walker.
The visit ends in the Chartreuses, a dazzling set of thirteen gardens enclosed by rows of walls, entirely planted with perennials. A veritable open-air greenhouse, unique in France.

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