August 24, 2018


Deauville, the legendary beach

Frenchly.Us has just unveiled a compilation of mythical beaches where it's good to bask. Seven places caught the attention of Americans, with Deauville beach in first place.
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Various rankings attest to Deauville's dynamism in terms of events and culture, a proactive approach that makes both occasional and regular visitors to Deauville want to come back again and again.
These rankings also confirm a STRONG FIDELITY WITH THE AREA, its offerings and its quality of life.
They also confirm the evolution of Deauville's image, which is now TRENDY AND REVIGORATING.
Lastly, they demonstrate Deauville's strong positioning in the SHORT URBAN STAYS market, on a par with the European "capitals" (London, Barcelona, Venice...).

SEPTEMBER 2013: search and booking engine (45 million visitors a month) publishes the results of a survey based on searches made by French users of its site from April to June 2013 for one-week stays, which ranks Deauville 4th among favorite national seaside resorts. It is the only non-Mediterranean city since 2012 to enter the top 5.

OCTOBER 2013: The Google France search engine reveals its ranking of the most buoyant cities from June to August 2013: in the Hotels category, Deauville takes 3rd place on the podium, after Paris and Barcelona. Deauville even takes the prize for the strongest gains of summer 2013.

FEBRUARY 2014: Online hotel comparator has compiled a ranking of France's favorite Valentine's Day destinations.
The 10 French cities most sought after by French users of its site are Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Lyon, Montpellier, Nice, Deauville, Orleans, Marseille and Cannes.

JANUARY 2015: Deauville is in the top 8 of Europe's best cities for a city break, a short vacation lasting two to five days, according to the British daily "The Daily Telegraph".

APRIL 2015: Deauville in the top 8 of French people's favorite destinations for the Pentecost and Ascension long weekends Source: TripAdvisor rankings based on French people's requests from May 14 to 25.

SUMMER 2015: Deauville in the top 5 most searched destinations this summer on Google France in the "Hotels" category Source: Google rankings of French people's queries from June 1 to August 31, 2015

SEPTEMBER 2015: Deauville the top 10 destinations "against the blues this autumn", including only three French cities and among six European capitals.
Source : Likibu, short-term rental comparison service

DECEMBER 2015: Deauville in the top 4 of the trendiest weekend destinations in 2015 (1st French city cited and the only "human-sized" destination among European capitals and major cities). Source: ranking of Google queries on French and European cities

FEBRUARY 2016: TripAdvisor, travel booking website and world leader in tourism prescriptions publishes its 2016 ranking of France's most beautiful beaches. Deauville comes in fifth place. The ranking is based on comments posted by visitors.

JANUARY 2017: Procos, the specialized retail federation that federates 260 retailers, has produced its first list of towns that have managed to retain their retail appeal. The study, relayed by the newspaper Les Echos, looks at more than 200 French towns based on population and number of shops. Among tourist towns, Deauville ranks third, after Saint-Malo and Menton, followed by Beaune and La Baule.
According to Procos, "success depends on the implementation of a proactive, comprehensive policy on the part of the local authority", given that the most commercial city centers have in common: "a concerted policy between the players, controlled in terms of commercial urban planning, multidimensional by integrating housing, transport, economic and social life, cultural and tourist activities".

JULY 2017: In June, Explorimmo conducts a survey of Internet users on the second-home market. Several trends are revealed. In the top 10 of popular destinations, Deauville (18%) comes second behind the Bassin d'Arcachon (21%) and ahead of Cassis (17%).


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