Ideally situated on marshes, close to the beach and the Vaches Noires cliffs, the Paléospace of Villers-sur-mer is an atypical museum that brings you back to the Jurassic era, about 160 million years ago, when Normandy was covered by a warm sea. Spectacular, interactive and sensory reconstructions make it a cultural, scientifical, but also fun place!

The Paléospace, open since April 2011, offers a 300-m2 area of permanent exhibitions based on the interpretation of three major attractions of Villers-sur-mer: the Vaches Noires cliffs, the marshes of Villers-Blonville and the Greenwich Meridian.

The museum has another common thread: behind science and discoveries, there are men. How do palaeontologists work to bring fossils to life? Who are those men that were able to calculate an exact longitude, saving the life of thousands of sailors who didn’t get lose in the sea anymore? How does the interaction between men and marshes contribute to maintain a rich biodiversity?

Leave and discover the Cosmos: in June 2017, the Paléospace planetarium has opened his doors to let you discover any time a starry sky. A 360° commented journey through the Milky Way to discover constellations, planets and look differently at the sky (from 7 years of age on)
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A cultural, scientific, but also fun tool

The visitor’s discovery is guided by interactive models (media technologies, games,...), a touchscreen journey, the collections of the museum and the objects belonging to the collections of the Paléospace partners: the National Museum of Natural History, the Paris Observatory and the Museum of Natural History of Le Havre.

At the heart of the museum, a “cliff-wall” crosses the building in all its length. Its look evokes the Vaches Noires cliffs and the natural materials used remind of the proximity with the marshes.



The visit continues outside the museum with the exploration of the park of 5 hectares considered a nice playground. The “treasure hunt” itinerary makes you discover the marshes, a hut-game, the plants and animals living here. Children can have fun with teaching games: an ammonite-goose game, a hopscotch- geological time scale or even an area dedicated to “prehistoric animals”. Adults can enjoy a relax area in front of hut-game pond (deckchairs, fainting sofas and hammocks). The park also welcomes groups: you can enjoy a pic-nic or participate to an open-air workshop.

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