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Open, connected, flexible, we tell you everything about You

Pierre Esnée opens the You hotel in Deauville as a family. At the head of the SD2P group, which has worked mainly in the hotel industry since the 2000s, he knows the sector well. With his wife Marie-Laure, his son - a hotel student - and a team of experts with a lively and young eye, they came up with a concept that shakes up the usual codes of accommodation but meets the desires of many travelers. : to feel at You like at home. Whether you travel alone for work, with your family for the holidays, with a tribe to meet your friends, or as a couple ... everyone wants a warm place and personalized service. This is what You offers.

To meet all desires, this new hotel is composed of a combination of classic rooms, modular family rooms and shared accommodation with comfortable bedding made in France and a refined personalized design (see it on site!).

Hotel You- chambre11- 475x330
The Welcome room is made for 1 to 2 people. Because luxury is space, it measures between 20 and 26m2!
Hotel You-chambre12 - 475x330
The corner suite is a very large room of over 30m2 equipped with a bath ...
Hotel You - room4 - 475x330
The family is really designed for four people. Here no extra bed, but real beds!
Hotel You - room together 1 - 475x330
The set is designed for 12 people, ideal for friends or families
Hotel You - room together 2 - 475x330
With a cozy nest for a couple in its center ...
Hotel You - bedroom 3 - 475x330
and two bathrooms and two toilets!

Co-living as a principle

The lobby, which can be seen behind the hotel windows, is designed to "live all day". Here, coworking goes without saying. What really defines the place is rather the co-living: equipped kitchen, tables, sofas, library, board games, fitness area, projection room, spacious and ultra-connected rooms… The approach is relaxed, more unstructured than in a classic hotel and really in tune with the times.

What you can do at home, among others:

- warm up a frichti at any time, the one you bring or the one you buy from a local selection of prepared dishes;
- eat popcorn in front of a movie in a movie theater (Dolby stereo sound!);
- read a book by the fire;
- play music or table football;
- do some sport;
- share a box: a working cocoon for two or four to isolate themselves;
- make a discreet call in a phone box;
- rent a glass room: latest generation meeting room;
- privatize a space to do what you want.

For Pierre Esnée, the key to success lies in involvement in the field. He strives to experience the hotel industry on a daily basis in order to understand its issues. He likes the closeness with his teams.
In Deauville, he will experiment with a new management style! The employees are versatile, like real Swiss Army knives, able to welcome customers, serve a beer, organize events… and even clean rooms. After its installation in Deauville You-Urban Hospitality aims to develop in the heart of the city of new French and European destinations.

We do not invest in the hotel industry to remain calm: we must remain efficient in each of our establishments, by constantly investing in the renovation of hotels and in our teams.
Pierre Esnée
Hotel You- bar - 475x330
A bar to eat at any time
Hotel You - lobby1 - 475x330
"The beach" to relax
Hotel You - lobby2- 475x330
Spaces to share

A prestigious hotel

Hotel You - archive image 475x330
It is one of the oldest hotels in Deauville
Hotel You - by Eugène Boudin - 475x330
It was painted by Eugène Boudin: "The avenue de Villers in Deauville", undated oil on panel, 35,2 x 26,8 cm - City of Deauville, Les Franciscaines.
Hotel You Guillaume Apollinaire - 475x330
It was also frequented by Guillaume Apollinaire, then journalist for Coemedia.Photo Naiad Plant

It is almost the first hotel in Deauville, named at the time the Hotel de l'Europe. We discover it in a painting by Eugène Boudin, recently acquired by the Franciscans. It was also the time of a report, the anchor point of Guillaume Apollinaire on the eve of the declaration of war in 1914. A heritage plaque placed by Stéphane Hessel and Philippe Augier recalls the stay of the writer in Deauville.

In pictures on the construction site of an innovative hotel

Practical & more

You Hotel
1, rue Désiré Le Hoc
14800 Deauville

Overture on 17 October 2020

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