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Michel Onfray

Philosopher, Author

Michel Onfray, born in 1959. Doctor of philosophy. Twenty years teaching in a technological high school in Caen, resigning from National Education in 2002. Philosopher, author of more than fifty books translated in more than twenty five countries.
In October 2002, he created the Popular University of Caen.

The Popular University of Caen
The principle
The Popular University retains from the traditional University the quality of the information transmitted, the principle of the cycle which makes it possible to envisage personal progression, the need for content transmitted before any debate. It keeps philosophical coffee open to all audiences, the critical use of knowledge, interactivity and the practice of dialogue as a means of accessing content.

The functioning
Free admission is the basic principle: no age required, no qualifications or levels required, no registration or knowledge test, no exams or diplomas issued. The course is given once a week over a two-hour session: the first is an argued presentation, the second a discussion of it. The cycle runs from mid-October to mid-May. It revolves around the school holidays of the Academy of Caen.