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Sandrine Boyer Engel
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A sea water Olympic swimming pool

The Deauville swimming-pool has many virtues: sea water pumped offshore and heated to 28° C all year long, a 50m long Olympic basin and a unique architecture signed by Roger Taillibert, a high-level sport equipment architect at the international level. From the outside, it seems a shell. Inside, a large vaulted roof catches the sun. It has been completely renovated in 2006. Air dehumidification, solarium, changing rooms, water treatment, acoustic systems, coloured paint, and furniture: everything is nice and new.

Naïade Plante
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An architectural feat

Designed by Charles Adda to be included among the seaside facilities in 1924, the Olympic swimming pool was actually built in 1966 under the initiative of Lucien Barrière, succeeding his uncle François André as the owner of the Casino, the Golf, and the Royal and Normandy hotel. The swimming pool was one of the first French projects of architect Roger Taillibert. This project was for him the first of a series of sport equipment creations, including the Parc des princes stadium in Paris (1967 -1972) and the Olympic complex of Montréal (1972 -1976). It was also his diploma subject at the ENSBA, the distinguished French National School of Fine Art. He designed his works in his own audacious manner, completely different from the Norman style, which was very popular on the Côte Fleurie at the time, and implemented a system consisting of large-scale thin shells, launched at the beginning of the 1960s and becoming his specialty technique. The sea water swimming pool was inaugurated in July 1966. At risk of closure in 1977 due to high running costs, it has been managed by the municipality since 1980. It was completely renovated in 2006.

Sandrine Boyer Engel
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Good to know

- 1 50 m pool heated to 28° (sea water)
- 1 25 m pool (sea water) heated to 30° from October to March
- 8 lanes (5 always open)

The swimming pool has been entirely renovated in 2006: separated water supply of the 2 basins, heating and air dehumidification system, acoustic system, boiling room, electricity, soil rehabilitation, cloakrooms, reception hall and bar area renovation, creation of a nurse's office. Moreover, glass walls have been taken to safety and outdoor areas renovated.

Sandrine Boyer Engel
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Practical information

Situated in Boulevard de la mer, in front of the beach. Open all day long except during annual maintenance periods. Information: +33 (0)2 31 14 02 17. You can find all details on the official website: www.mairie-deauville.fr.