Our convictions and quality labels

Our aim is to protect and enhance this territory, while respecting environmental, social and economic balances. What's important to us every day is to give meaning to our tourism: that it be a source of progress for you who visit us, for us who welcome you. That's why we feel it's important to share our commitments, convictions and projects here.

We're also committed to doing things right. That's why inDeauville is committed to certifying its tourism. 


In France, there are two levels of classification for communes developing a tourism policy within their territory:
- the"Commune touristique" designation, issued for five years to communes that have a listed tourist office, organize tourist events and have accommodation capacity for a non-permanent population. On our territory, this is the case for Villerville.
- The"Station de tourisme" classification, awarded for twelve years to towns and villages that structure a tourist offer adapted to their needs and provide an excellent welcome. This is the case for Deauville, Villers-sur-Mer, Touques and Blonville-sur-Mer. The classification is based on nine criteria: accessibility, Internet access, accommodation, the presence of a category 1 tourist office, local services, tourist activities and facilities, town-planning and environmental quality, notions of public hygiene (bathing water classification in particular), and safety linked to population flows.
Tourist Offices are classified into three categories, based on different operating modes and the tourist importance of the destination. The classification of Tourist Offices is a sign of national recognition that guarantees consistency and homogeneity in the services offered across French vacation destinations. The Deauville Intercommunal Tourist Office belongs to the "Offices de Tourisme de France" network and is classified in Category I.
Arnaud Tinel

Our commitments for the Category I classification


The Qualité tourisme brand

The Office de Tourisme Intercommunal du Territoire de Deauville belongs to the "Offices de Tourisme de France" network, and is the bearer of the national "Qualité Tourisme" mark, created by the French government to improve the quality of tourist services in France. This mark brings together under a single symbol the quality initiatives undertaken to ensure customer satisfaction in the hotel industry, tourist residences, vacation villages, campsites, the catering sector, places of interest, etc. It is a sign of recognition for establishments offering quality services, which customers can choose in complete confidence.
To obtain the Qualité Tourisme, the service provider must successfully follow a quality approach that complies with the National Quality Commitments, which represent the essential requirements for customer satisfaction. Professionals recognized as Qualité Tourisme™ are attentive to customer needs, thanks to the systematic analysis of satisfaction surveys and complaints. Their services are regularly subjected to unannounced, independent checks. These procedures enable professionals to continuously improve their services to better satisfy tourists.
Delphine Barré Lerouxel

Our commitments for the Quality Tourism label


Innovative sustainable destination

With this label, Deauville will be one of the first five French cities to be certified as a "Sustainable Innovative Destination" in December 2020. This new national standard, created at the initiative of the France Congrès et Evénements association, aims to accelerate the challenges of sustainable tourism and eco-responsible event planning throughout the destination. The approach covers both business and leisure tourism.
Cassiana Sarrazin

Our commitments to Sustainable Innovative Destination


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Résidence de l'Horloge
Quai de l'Impératrice Eugénie
14800 Deauville
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Place Jean Mermoz
14640 Villers-sur-Mer
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32 bis avenue Michel d'Ornano
14910 Blonville-sur-Mer
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40 rue du Général Leclerc
14113 Villerville
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20 Place Lemercier
14800 Touques
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Promenade Louis Delamare
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14800 Tourgéville
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