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Seine Estuary - June 14-18, 2017

The great gathering of the Seine Estuary sailing.

Organized by the Normandy Sailing League, the Normandy Cup will bring together more than a hundred sailboats for a great weekend of competition. The watchword for the 2017 edition: always more boats registered, something new to motivate the troops, a great sports competition and above all a festive spirit always present.

Now Normandy is vast and the Seine estuary offers all participants a large playground. The IRC / Osiris will set off to conquer the Saint-Marcouf Islands along the picturesque Normandy coasts and the Diam24 OD will visit two major sites from Normandy during two coastal raids, a real warm up for the next Tour de France Sailing Race, starting with Deauville on Thursday June 15. Around 13 p.m., the boats will stop in the city harbor for a lunch at the Deauville Yacht Club, then they will leave, bypassing a clearance buoy less than 300m from the famous Boards. On Saturday June 17, we start the excursion again, but this time north, towards Fécamp. In Le Havre, the sportboats, namely the J / 80, J / 70, SB20 and Open 5,70, will do their "show" in the nautical stadium, as close as possible to the beach.

New boat for 2017, the Grand Surprise will have its own class and will sail for a weekend. Its program will combine coastal and classic course in the bay of Le Havre. It is one of the most suitable boats for the Le Havre body of water: thanks to its length, it will be able to express itself between the chop and the currents offered by the Seine Bay.

The marina of Le Havre will be the meeting and living place of all the participants in the Normandy Cup, the organization, the PC Course, the bar and restaurant, the briefings, concerts and events ...