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Throughout the day, three times of meetings with determined women will be organized: come and get inspired! These testimonial times will be hosted by journalist Fanny Hubart Salmon.

Sophie Dancourt's journey:
After having surveyed all the departments of the first weekend magazine VSD, Sophie Dancourt continues her profession as a journalist as a freelancer (VSD, Elle Normandie).
She also lends her pen to local authorities, businesses and photographers. She is notably the co-author of iconographic works "Les grands travaux sous François Mitterrand" (Editions du Rocher) and "Rencontres" (Ed Brigitte Berenguier),
Today founder and editor-in-chief of, the societal web media dedicated to the generation of women aged 45-60, she has just co-founded the collective "PREMIÈRES!", Creating an event format dedicated to cinema directed by women.

Nabila Namoune's journey:
Nabila Namoune is a very active young entrepreneur from Normandy, she received the Women and Challenges Network Prize and followed the Women & Challenges Academy training.She created the MIMOUNA lemonade with mint is a refreshing drink, based on ingredients from qualities from organic production, based on lemon and mint, sugar and "a zest of sunshine in the hearts". It is made with no preservatives or dyes and is made in Normandy in an artisanal way. NAMOUNE is a young shoot that resuscitates the lemonade of yesteryear. Its mission is to develop under the "MIMOUNA" brand: lemonades made from citrus fruits and aromatic plants from organic farming.

Sarah Oberson's journey:
Sarah Obserson is responsible for the Caen la Mer by les Premières incubator. The Caen la Mer by les Premières incubator, supported by the MEFAC (Caennaise Agglomeration and Training Center) and the Caen Urban Community la Mer, is an incubator dedicated only to women entrepreneurs.
He supports women with a business creation, takeover and development project as well as leaders who encounter difficulties in getting their business off the ground.
Activator of growth on the territory, it places women as real actors of the economy by offering them a framework, a training program and quality support intended for:
• Develop and implement their entrepreneurial skills;
• Incubate their project (from idea to sustainability);
• Develop their capacity for global and long-term thinking;
• Promote or consolidate the development of their managerial posture;

The course of Pénélope Virag:
Holder of a DEA in Commerce and International Relations at La Sorbonne (Paris I), Pénélope Virag grew up between Paris, Deauville and the United States where her passion for horse riding, her attraction to Anglo-Saxon culture and her sense of life will be born. entrepreneurship. In 2001, she discovered the city of Le Havre and began her career in the maritime transport commission. First at Bolloré Logistics, then Geodis and finally BDP Int. It was only in 2011 that his change of professional orientation took shape with the creation of ALL-IN BAGELS. A simple concept of fast food but balanced combining local products and dedicated services, all 100% made in Normandy. In 2015, La Ville du Havre entrusted her with the creation of a new restaurant concept at the heart of the Oscar Niemeyer Cultural Center, which she imagines innovative and responsible: both chic and cozy canteen, trendy bar and open stage, La Colombe Niemeyer opens its doors in December 2016; it is immediately recognized as a resolutely alternative and festive place. That same year, she was elected Vice-President of Commerce for the Seine-Estuaire CCI.

Eva Broussou's journey:
French Baguette is a new original product, an edible souvenir: a kit to prepare your own baguette! The kit consists of a bag of complete ingredients: yeast and 100% French flour, a magic recipe to find all the flavors of a traditional baguette, a cardboard mold suitable for the oven, a bread basket Vichy print for a "Made in France" tasting. And a postcard to share the La French Baguette experience with your most gourmet friends!
Eva Broussou, creative and fond of pastry, has chosen to reconvert in the kitchen after an audiovisual journey. Eva took advantage of her professional retraining in the kitchen to create and develop the La French Baguette project, of which she is now the director.

Fabienne Corruble's journey :
Former executive of large groups at SUEZ: for more than 20 years as branch manager, profit center manager and regional delegate at ENGIE in Normandy, I decided in September 2016 to create my own consultancy structure for companies (networks-strategy-innovation) in the Normandy region. I help companies set up in Normandy or Normandy women to diversify their portfolio of activities. I created a decryption database: Normandie360 ° in September 2017 on the internet to support my advice in developing Normandy's strategic projects, economic action and public action.
In August 2018, I co-created a RESEAUPRO start-up with a young SIQUAL start-up to develop digital applications, the first was launched in November 2018: ProNormandie, shared and collaborative agenda across Normandy.
Annie Grenier's journey :
I have been co-founder and manager of OVERSPEED and PROD'ADVANCE for 15 years. With our team of engineers and developers we develop innovative electronic solutions for the knowledge, well-being, comfort and safety of people and their environment, such as our brand "L'Aura des Villes". Audencia graduate I started my career in auditing and auditing at KPMG. After a parenthesis to raise my 3 children, I resumed my studies to obtain a Master in HRM at the IAE in Rouen, then I worked in continuing professional training at OPCALIA. For 3 years I have been a member of the Board of UIMM Rouen-Dieppe, and elected to the CCI Rouen Métropole of which I am a member of the board and treasurer. I am a member of the Women and Challenges network.