Normandes en tête is a unique opportunity to participate in workshops to develop your career and skills and reflect on the possibility of starting your business. Nearly 30 workshops throughout the day will give you new keys to advancing and discovering your talents. Four themes were chosen for these workshops in small groups:


Come and discover the secrets of decision-making intelligence, a vector of individual and collective professional performance in our complex, interconnected, highly-informed world. Unleash your decision-making potential by learning to deal with certain biases that creep into our cognitive processes. Boost your confidence in your ability to succeed in your decisions in all circumstances.

Managing with common sense is not enough to effectively mobilize and train your teams.
Developing effective leadership means being able to adjust your natural management style to the situation and the level of skills and experience of your employees. It's about flexibility and adaptability to get your team to give the best of themselves. This workshop will allow you to discover your natural management style, to project yourself into different managerial situations and to acquire the first keys to boost your leadership.

For many of us, delegating is a waste of time, a waste of money and a feeling that it will not be done as well!
Delegating is also… concentrating on your expertise, adding added value to your activity. Understanding the challenge of delegation and learning to put it in place is a real challenge today, whether in our company or at home! Take advantage of this workshop to find the levers that will help you on a daily basis.

Having the posture of an entrepreneur is not innate. With the new status of auto-entrepreneur we can become entrepreneurs more easily than a few years back. But do we take stock of all the changes it brings about? I often meet women who have settled in but who have not taken into account all the changes they will have to make in order to have a business that is sustainable over time. This inevitably goes through the posture of the entrepreneur. Having a good posture means having a posture that resembles us that is in accordance with our values. It is to be authentic and not to be a pale copy of what our neighbor offers. Know how to make decisions, be active, be creative, persevering, align with our goals. And above all, don't forget that being an entrepreneur is daring to sell, daring to talk about money, business, daring to monetize your know-how.

Yes, the reign of the carrot and the stick is over! Managers must learn and understand the individual process of motivation. They must release the Sense of the Human, to answer the desires, desires, of all those which make up the Company and to arouse the engagement of each one. Whether you are a manager or not, come and experience benevolent management in a sharing, fun, pragmatic and human workshop ...

BB, X, Y, Z Generations - who are they? Can we put an end to age stereotypes and work together? How to put generational talents at the service of teams and the company? How to make intergenerationality part of its corporate culture? The workshop will present the different generations currently present in the labor market and will highlight the generational values ​​in order to allow you to better understand and motivate your team. You will discover the challenges of intergenerational management and learn how to make it a tool for team cohesion and performance for your company.
As such, we will approach "working together" by highlighting the talents inherent in each generation and their complementarity. So, ready for the challenge?




Google France supports Normandes in the lead and will offer 6 workshops of 50 minutes throughout the day, with free access, depending on the places available. These workshops are intended for beginners as well as those who already have more advanced knowledge.

  • Think digital and understand the consumer
  • Creation of a website
  • Develop your business through natural referencing
  • Recruitment trends and digital opportunity
  • Build your brand image and tell your story online
  • Optimizing your actions through data analysis


I should have said that…. Yes, but it's too late! You have always dreamed of no longer being taken aback by a word you did not expect. Putting the right word at the right time, it works. In 1 hour you will learn how to give immediate and fair responses and train yourself to bounce back from what you hear. By discovering the best techniques to position yourself well, you will be able to develop conversational agility.

A workshop to familiarize you with the methodology relating to the takeover: what are the stages, the support systems, the pitfalls to avoid but also how to find a company to take over.

What is this energy deep inside you that makes you wonder? How to put the odds on your side? What seems impossible to you today? Who are your allies? How to find resources? How to get started? The objective of the workshop is to allow you to open options and get started. I will draw on the springs of the GonoGoGame game that I created to precisely ask the question: why not me? How do we make the answer a winner whether the answer is yes or no. A workshop to give you a clear idea of ​​the next pragmatic step to take.

Knowing the sales techniques will allow you to increase your turnover and develop your business. Are you ready to grow your business? I will give you the keys to a successful sales interview. Do you know the steps? 1. Prepare 2. Introduce yourself 3. Listen 4. Present your offer / product 4. Respond to objections 5. Dare to Conclude 6. Build loyalty and be recommended.
Once you have your frame, you will have to train to succeed in selling and especially to adapt to the prospects who will be in front of you. Ready to go up a gear?

This workshop, based on the guide "Wake up your creativity" with Eyrolles editions aims to awaken the creativity that lies dormant in you and that only asks to express itself. Make your daily life a playground, that's your goal. Through simple and accessible activity tracks, this workshop will help you change your outlook on your way of doing things. You will learn to find solutions to everyday problems more easily, to boost your business and your professional and personal projects, to develop your sense of entrepreneurship to (re) gain confidence in yourself!

A workshop to discover the digital tools that will help you develop your presence on the internet and use its resources, such as QRCode: a precious help for marketing and job search communication, Find my training, the search engine that allows to find the ideal training and visualize the details, CV DesignR: a tool that allows you to create a professional CV, fully customizable, interview simulators: to train even in pajamas! Or MaBoîte, a stimulating platform that covers all the essential steps to set up an entrepreneurial project.



Come discover during a collaborative conference the flaws and concrete solutions to be implemented to make a business stable and sustainable. 4 fundamental pillars are proposed, presented and experienced live by all the participants. This conference is aimed at both project leaders and business leaders.

Discover a very effective tool for understanding and improving professional or personal interactions. Have you noticed that relationships are strained with the same kind of people? that it is often the same behaviors that cause us annoyance, misunderstanding or rejection? If you too want to better understand what are the mechanisms that put us in opposition and find ways to simplify these difficulties, come and experience an amazing exercise.

For the first time for Normandes at the head, these two professionals of the organization come together to create a common workshop. The benefits of decluttering and tidying up its environment, on our personal and professional lives. Observe the disorder and understand the reasons for the clutter. Benefits of decluttering and storage. Home & Office organizing methods (principles, logistics, stages). Illustration of a workspace (office). Presentation of the profession of Home & office organization and history of the profession. Bulles Organis'Zen (based on the Caennaise region) and Home Harmonie (based in Le Havre), home & office organizers, offer personalized services and workshops around storage, space optimization and organization.

This fun and original workshop aims to initiate the formulation of your Ikigai through practical exercises. The Ikigai allows you to {re} connect to its deep raison d'être and what makes sense for you in your different spheres of life. During this workshop, we will explore 4 essential axes to find the balance:

  • Your talents, your strengths and your values,
  • What you like to do,
  • What you can get paid for,
  • What the world needs.

When a beating professional activity mixes with an already cumbersome daily life, where we try to think of everything, all the time, and for everyone, how to reduce the pressure, refocus on the essential and (re) find its place? Faced with the scourge of mental burden for overworked women of the XNUMXst century, what concrete recipes to put in place to stop the machine ... before it derails.

According to a global survey carried out in 2016, almost 20% of millennials say that when it comes to choosing a new career opportunity, their priority is to reconcile professional and personal life. Discover coaching and organizational tools to find a better work-life balance.

Discover the simple tools to use to learn to stop bitching, to listen to your intuitions and your inner voice, to let go and to visualize positively. A way of looking at life to finally find the way to happiness.

Caught up in the whirlwind of everyday life, we very often forget to put ourselves in PAUSE mode. Lack of time, disorganization or lack of motivation ... It is however beneficial for our well being to allow us a moment of disconnection in our Lives.
I invite you to come and share a moment of relaxation, to put light, lightness in your lives, to reconnect with yourself to go to better days filled with Happiness. The practice of sophrology is a source of well-being. You will discover the power that you have over yourself to release tensions, install calm, harmony, inner peace.
How? 'Or' What ? Through the practice of conscious breathing, muscle relaxation, positive visualization.
So come and live this pleasant moment, enter this bubble of sweetness and leave with a beautiful inner smile !!!


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