Normandes en tête is a unique opportunity to participate in workshops to develop your career and skills and reflect on the possibility of starting your business. Nearly 30 workshops throughout the day will give you new keys to advancing and discovering your talents. Three themes were selected for these workshops in small groups:


9h to 9h45
The day will start with a gentle awakening with Sandrine Pfoh, sophrologist.


From 10am to 45pm
To free blockages, find new ideas and solutions to dare to act, led by Françoise Clechet founded Graines de Succès in 2016. UTC engineer, Françoise trained in coaching in 2003 after a career at Unilever and then as an analysis consultant risks to the food industries. Certified PCC coach, NLP master practitioner, trained in Non-Violent Communication, Mindfulness and Appreciative Inquiry, Françoise is a specialist in career development for women managers or leaders. Françoise is also a trainer for Thales and AFNOR. Claudine Deslandres, founder of Provalence, associate and Seeds of Success business coach, co-creator of the Graines d'Audace game, ACC certified professional coach and president of the International Coaching Federation Normandy.

From 12am to 15pm
A workshop to help women who want to get started in business creation to position themselves and validate their project with the GonoGoGame © method, created by Florence Canler-Grimonprez (consultant, trainer and PCC certified coach.)  
Creator and director of the firm F. Formations, for 25 years, her motto has been "building together". She is the co-founder of Normandie Pionnières.

From 15am to 15pm
The gender pay gap affects both salaried positions and business leaders. It is between 20 and 30% depending on the positions and statutes. There is no such thing as fatality, but it does require women to regain power over their remuneration and how they can make money. For this, there is knowledge to be had, new attitudes to adopt and behaviors to modify in order to be able to accelerate their financial success. This workshop will take place around a quiz which will allow participants to take stock of their relationship with money and obtain concrete keys to improve their relationship with money.

from 16AM to 45PM
A workshop for women entrepreneurs. Thanks to a progressive and structured method calling on feelings and listening to emotions, the participants will come out of the workshop with a clear and assumed price for one of their offers. These two workshops will be led by Marjorie Llombart (consultant and trainer in entrepreneurship and brand identity with women entrepreneurs and founder of "Draw me a career").

11 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 13:45 p.m. to 14:45 p.m.
Two workshops “Business Speech and storytelling, re-enchant your pitch with storytelling” to discover the keys to an exciting pitch to meet storytelling and business by Pascale Abekhzer, specialist in behavioral intelligence, consultant and communication and certified professional coach, founder from Be-Nome.





From 10am to 45pm    
Society changes as does its demands. As a result, our pace of work and therefore of life is upset. Faced with this and to gain efficiency and human performance, it is high time to set up innovative and motivating methods of communication, reflection and management. Come and acquire keys to federate around your project and create stimulating energy (for your customer relationships, suppliers, employees)
A workshop offered by the Femmes & Challenges network and led by Agnès Rouxel, from JP2A GENÈSE, also with the intervention of Elise Hauters, Director of CPM Industries.

From 12am to 15pm
Do you feel like you have to think of everything at work and at home? Not being able to do everything in one day? Feel exhausted with fluctuating morale?
You are part of a large majority of women who bear too much "cognitive load".
This workshop will give you concrete leads to learn to recognize this state, to seek internal and external resources to avoid or manage this situation.
A workshop led by Isabelle BANCAL DUVILLARD, Doctor of Pharmacy, behavioral coach, bio energetician, founder of Alma Bella, HR development company, training and coaching specialist in behavioral approach. Isabelle has been working for 20 years in companies and with individuals.

From 13am to 45pm
Managing my time, led by Clotilde Dajon Pelouard, founding member of Femmes & Challenges and creator of Via and of the Imaccueil reception skills training center. The mental overload that we experience on a daily basis gives way to this feeling of being constantly "overbooked". But, are we really running out of time to accomplish all the things of our daily lives? To rediscover creativity and serenity, you have to clarify your ideas and impose a few “positive” rules and habits.
A workshop offered by the Women & Challenge network.

From 16am to 45pm
How to learn everything at any age in record time! A workshop led by Anne-Marie Gaignard, author and teacher
To understand the 4-ray rule to learn diagrams, maps very quickly ...): to better remember, it is sometimes necessary to turn in a clockwise direction!
To understand and learn by the technique of the number 7 (using a small memory called the span). To learn at your own pace and through your own breathing. How to uncover a text without reading it, breaking it up and thus synthesizing your thought to better re-transcribe it orally (without any paper support) as well as in writing (obviously without doing paraphrases).

15:15 p.m. to 16:15 p.m.
A meeting with Anne Julio (Work in Trouville) + Ghislaine Givon (co-founder and director of Now coworking), moderated by Annie Grenier, co-founder and director of Overspeed, technological accelerator of innovation.


Google France supports Normandes in the lead and will offer 7 45-minute workshops throughout the day as well as a key note in plenary. These workshops are intended for beginners as well as those who already have more advanced knowledge.

  • Optimizing your actions through data analysis: we know that many people use the Internet, but for what purpose? What do your (future) customers actually do once they are on your website? How to improve the customer experience on your site?
  • Prepare and build your digital project: what is the level of digital maturity in the French market? How to define your objectives on the internet, identify the right growth drivers and then analyze your performance?
  • Build your brand and tell a story on the internet: the internet is also great stories, emotions and brands that have created a real universe around their products and services. In this workshop, we offer you to understand the evolution of marketing, the key principles to follow to organize your presence on the internet, and in particular to remain consistent on all your supports.  
  • How to increase your store traffic: why is it important to be visible on the internet? What are the advantages of the web-to-store and the levers for implementing it in your business in order to increase your clientele?
  • Think digital and understand the consumer: we will analyze the evolution of consumer behavior in France and we will see the tools that best help to improve the knowledge of your (future) customers on the internet.
  • Develop your business through natural referencing: we will explain how the search engine works as well as the key principles to improve your natural referencing.


Each workshop can accommodate 40 to 50 people (access on site depending on the places available).

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