Claude Nori


©Claude NORI
©Claude NORI

Guest of the Planche(s) Contact Festival in 2017

Born in 1949 in Toulouse from Italian emigrated parents, Claude Nori started to focus on the expressive potential of photography in 1968, while he was working for cinema. In 1974, he founded Contrejour, together with Bernard Plossu and a group of agitators, photographers and critics. Contrejour, both publishing house and gallery situated in Montparnasse, rapidly became the meeting place and distribution platform for this new art. Later, Claude Nori created magazine Camera International, the Cahiers de la Photographie and published about 140 works about major French photographers.
In 1999, he settled down in Biarritz with his wife, Isabelle Nori, and they launched together the Terre d’Images Festival.
He published several books about Italy, adolescence, seaside cities (Un été Italien, La Géométrie du flirt, Stromboli, Un photograph amoureux….), which have been for him a powerful means to express his art, since the publication in 1975 of his first book titled Lunettes and prefaced by Agnès Varda.
Latest exhibitions: Festival Photomed (Sanar), Château d’Eau (Toulouse, 2011), Galerie Valid Foto (Barcelone), Rencontres d’Arles (2011), Maison Européenne de la Photographie (Paris, 2011), Galerie Polka (Paris, 2015, 2016).