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James Christmas

Guest at the 2017 Books & Music Festival

James Noël, born in 1978 in Hinche (Haiti), is a poet with many faces. Still on a building site, he is the prime contractor for IntranQu'îllités, a review monster. Against the new challenges that threaten us, he offers an enrage as a supreme form of commitment.
Author of fifteen books, he occupies an emblematic place in contemporary Haitian literature. A large rodent of the meridians, often between two planes, this versatile author has sunk into prose since the earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010.
It was in Rome, where he lived for a year as a boarder at the Villa Medici, that he first struck this protean pamphlet against the walls.
He is also a unifier, coupled with a ferryman, who advances on the quicksand of the imaginary. In November 2015, an anthology of contemporary Haitian poetry comprising 73 living poets was published under his direction in the Points Seuil pocket collection. Two of his titles, Le Sang visible du vitrier and Le Pyromane adolescent are republished in the same collection.
His texts are often read and interpreted by actors and musicians like Wooly Saint-Louis Jean or Arthur H.
Christmas lives in Port-au-Prince.