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Maja A. Ngom

Young talent photographer of the 2014 Planche (s) Contact festival

© Maja A. Ngom for Board (s) Contact 2014

Polish / Senegalese

“The genius was that between these palaces and the ocean there was a very large empty space. Nothing but the ocean. Yes, it was to cry out with so much beauty. It was crazy. The sea came to the edge of the palaces when there was the storm and the foam of the storm, yes that's it: harmless. Deauville [...] was abandoned to the sea, or given to it. The empty place was a kind of echo chamber. [...] Marguerite Duras, Deauville death (Éd. De L'Herne, 2005)

"Coming to Deauville, I expected to face the sea, but I encountered a vast empty space there. I lived in it, this ribbon between the sea and the rocks placed there to protect the entrails of Deauville This wide strip of land between water and land, deserted, allowed me to breathe, and to create again. This is how I came across her. She was waiting motionless, a photograph ready to be taken, a silhouette coming from a distant elsewhere. His diverted face, always elusive. His body resting on the stones as if to kiss them, sometimes overwhelmed by their heaviness, never however crushed by them. Some days when I observed him from afar I could see her see playing with the cold spoils of these stones. Each day, she borrowed the same rhythms: those of the sea and those of her work: making and undoing her nest, her shelter. Each day she returned her own body to its roots and each day she was trying to settle down, to find her place in be sea and land. Detached, and then one day she disappeared. The sea, was only murmurs carried by the deafening sound of the waves, gently swept the sand on which it had stood: I let my mother caress my face as she did when I was a child. I feel the salt melt on my tongue, the wind tease my jagged hair. From this mountain made of sand I can find it when it returns at dusk. I bring him stones, which melt into pebbles in his mouth. "