Philippe Nessmann

Invited to the Books & Music Festival 2017

Philippe Nessmann, passionate for science, history and writing, has been working, until 2003, as a journalist for magazines Science and Vie Junior. He is currently director of collection Kézako (éditions Mango Jeunesse). He published under Flammarion Jeunesse several historical stories, namely Les exploits de l’Aérospaciale (collection Découvreurs du monde), Lucie Aubrac Résistante, Vers les mers glacées du Pôle Nord, Dans la nuit de Pompéi, Dans les pas de Toutankhamon, La fée de Verdun and 50 inventions qui ont fait le monde. He lives in Paris.

La fée de Verdun - Philippe Nessman – Flammarion Jeunesse
“The more she sang, the more soldiers turned to the scene and listened. The magic of music was there: WWI French soldiers stopped thinking about war. They were just happy to be there, to enjoy this moment of peace.”
One day, I heard about Nelly Martyl, a currently forgotten opera singer of the Golden Age. Then I went to look for her, in the middle of the war. My investigation lead me to the freezing entrenchments of Verdun, where I could admire the strength of her courage.