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Philippe Nessmann

Guest at the 2017 Books & Music Festival

Passionate about science, history and writing, Philippe Nessmann was, until 2003, a journalist for the magazine Science et Vie Junior. He now heads the “Kézako” collection at Mango Jeunesse editions. At Flammarion Jeunesse, he has published many historical accounts, including Aerospace exploits ("Discoverers of the world" collection), Lucie Aubrac Resistant, Towards the frozen seas of the North Pole, In the night of Pompeii, In the footsteps of Tutankhamun, The fairy of Verdun et  50 inventions that made the world. He lives in Paris.

The fairy of Verdun - Philippe Nessman - Youth Flammarion
"The more she sang, the more the soldiers turned to the stage and began to listen. The magic of music worked: the furry no longer thought of war. They were just happy to be there, to enjoy this peaceful moment. "
One day, I heard about Nelly Martyl, a singer from the Belle-Époque, now forgotten. So I went looking for him, at the heart of the war. My investigation led me to the icy trenches of Verdun where I could admire the strength of his courage.