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Rich in its history with the greatest photographers throughout the century, Deauville created in 2010 the Festival of photographic creations Contact Board (s), the only festival in France to rely on public commissions and therefore an artistic production specific to Deauville. This creative space allows the City today to have a vast contemporary collection including images of Massimo Vitali, Paolo Roversi, David Amstrong, Philippe Ramette, Sarah Moon or Kishin Shinoyama. She also continues to acquire prints of photographs taken in Deauville by the most significant photographers of the century: Robert Capa, Gisèle Freund, the Seeberger Brothers, Jacques-Henri Lartigue…


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Starting point for reflection on the creation of the Franciscans: the donation of 536 canvases, by his wife, painted by André Hambourg between 1925 and 1999. The marine painter, lithographer and designer has developed a figurative art which has found a source of inspiration on the Côte Fleurie. A donation supplemented by forty works collected by her husband or exchanged with other artists (Marie Laurencin, Foujita, Van Dongen, Derain…). André Hambourg is the permanent guest of the Musée des Franciscaines. Regular temporary exhibitions will also allow visitors to discover most of the works in the collection. His biography here

André Hambourg seen by .... Discover the web series "Hambourg et moi" in pictures


In parallel with the donation of works by André Hambourg, the City of Deauville is pursuing an ambitious acquisition policy (Eugène Boudin, Charles Mozin, André Lhôte, Othon Friez) that the Franciscans will allow to exhibit. This collection mainly covers the end of the XNUMXth and the XNUMXth century, in the field of figurative painting. 


Les Franciscaines will also be the custodian of the “Peindre en Normandie” collection when it opens. This exceptional collection brings together nearly 200 Impressionist works from 1750 to 1950, around the representation of Normandy by illustrious or unknown painters seduced by its colors, its clouds, thus producing the most beautiful works in the time of Impressionism and Fauvism. .
This collection has been exhibited in France, notably in the salons of the National Assembly. She is also the messenger of France abroad. It was exhibited in Deauville at Point de Vue in 2018.

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The Isabel and Louis Romanet donation

Louis Romanet followed the horse trotting or galloping for 40 years on the horse racing fields, as president of France Galop. He also took great pleasure in accompanying his antique wife, Isabel, through the auction rooms or salons where she exhibited.
Thus was born a sensitive, original and remarkable collection that the City received with emotion. A collection that the great Franciscan project legitimizes by giving it the appropriate resonance. Both reasoned and passionate, it will enrich the Universes and nourish discoveries ...