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Museum of Art and History

38 boulevard Louis Pasteur

14100 Lisieux

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  • English

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Open from 01 Jan 2020 to 31 Dec 2020


Tuesday : 14: 00 à 18: 00

Wednesday : 14: 00 à 18: 00

Thursday : 14: 00 à 18: 00

Friday : 14: 00 à 18: 00

On Saturday: 14: 00 à 18: 00

Sunday: 14: 00 à 18: 00

The Museum of Art and History of Lisieux, labeled Museum of France, reopened its doors on a new museography in June 2013.
Located in one of the last half-timbered houses that remain in Lisieux, it presents, following a chronological course, the history of the city from its origins to the present day and addresses the multiplicity of its faces: the Gallo-Roman city, medieval and classical, the textile city, illustrious figures, Reconstruction…
Two themes are also discussed: the bishops of Lisieux and the Lexovian habitat.
A rich history, illustrated by more than three hundred objects, paintings, photographs ... But the undeniable centerpiece of the museum can not be contained in a window or a room, since it is the city itself.

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