Isabel Muñoz


Guest of the Planche(s) Contact Festival in 2018

Isabel Muñoz was born in Barcelona in 1951. In 1970, she founded her studio in Madrid and conceived there most of her work. In 1979, she decided to dedicate her entire life to photography. Press, advertisement, and cinema: assignment photography allowed her to enter this world. In 1982, she studied visual arts at the Rochester University. In Maine, she discovered ancient techniques and learned how to manage light. She taught at the ICP, International Center of Photography de New York, and familiarized herself with large format.

Man Ray, Tina Modotti, Lewis Carroll, Claude Cahun, Cindy Sherman, Tom of Finland are the resources of her library and the pillars of her inspiration. Showing passion and a great technical expertise, she is recognized as one of the most qualified specialists in some of the most “noble” photographic processes like platinum prints. Isabel Muñoz has gained in 2016 the Photography National Prize awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Culture.