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Anna Mouglalis


President of the Revelation jury of the 45nd American Film Festival

After training in hypokhâgne, she turned to play by joining the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art. Then trained by seasoned Daniel Mesguich until 2001, she established herself in the theater world by becoming, in 1997, assistant director. In 1998, she also started on stage in The awakening of spring by Frank Wedekind only on film sets with terminal by Francis Girod.
In 2000, she appeared in The Captive by Chantal Akerman, then in Thank you for chocolate by Claude Chabrol, for whom she obtained her first major role alongside Isabelle Huppert and Jacques Dutronc. Its mysterious and magnetic presence immediately gives it a singular aura in the landscape of French auteur cinema.
Other filmmakers trust him: Arnaud Desplechin, for In the company of men in 2003, Benoît Delépine and Gustave Kervern for Mammuth in 2010 or Philippe Garrel for Jealousy in 2013. Samuel Benchetrit then reveals his poetry in I always dreamed of being a gangster in 2008, Chez Gino and in 2011 A travel in 2014.
It also attracts the attention of Italian filmmakers Roberto Andò and Michele Placido who places it at the head of the highly noticed Crime Novel. In 2014, she lent her features to Fanny Targioni-Tozzetti, the impossible love of the poet Giacomo Leopardi in the film by Mario Martone.
Her romantic allure, her imposing presence and her charisma designate her to embody emblematic characters: she thus becomes Coco Chanel in Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky by Jan Kounen, Juliette Gréco in Gainsbourg, heroic life by Joann Sfar or Simone de Beauvoir in The Lovers of Flora by Ilan Duran Cohen.
It is quite natural that she is "elected president of the Republic" in the series Black baron.
In 2019, she triumphs on stage, thanks to her interpretation of Miss Julie, title role of Strindberg's cult work.

She will chair the Louis Roederer Foundation Prize for the Revelation of 45th Deauville American Film Festival.