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Baudouin Mouanda


Guest Photographer - 2021 Contact Plates

Baudouin Mouanda

Baudouin Mouanda is a Congolese photographer, member of the Génération Elili et d'Afrique in visu collective. After a few years spent studying law at the University of Brazzaville, he began his career in 1993 by chronicling life in Brazzaville for the newspapers and was nicknamed "Photouin". Baudouin Mouanda is particularly attached to the history of his country, to the subjects that question and to the aftermath of the repeated wars which have plagued the Congo. Rewarded at the Francophonie Games in Niamey (Niger) in 2005, Baudouin Mouanda was selected several times in the international competition for the Paris Match Grand Prize for student photojournalism. In 2007, he benefited from a residency in Paris, where he followed a training course at the Center for the training and improvement of journalists, and joined ESA LE 75 (École supérieure des arts) in Brussels. It is there that his path crosses that of the Congolese of Paris and in particular of the famous kings of the sap, the “sapeurs”, and their philosophy called “sapology”. Back in Brazzaville in 2008, he photographed the most beautiful "sappers" of the Congolese capital. He has since participated in several national and international residences. In 2009, Baudouin Mouanda exhibited his photos Les sequeles de la guerre at the biennial Les Rencontres de Bamako, in Mali, where he received the Blachère Foundation prize followed by the Young Talent prize offered by Bolloré Africa Logistics. His last residency in Libreville, Gabon, allowed him with the “Visa pour la creation 2009” grant from CulturesFrance to advance his work on Hip Hop and society, which he presented in summer 2010 at the Rencontres d'Arles. He regularly collaborates with several newspapers including Jeune Afrique, Planète jeune, Afrique magazine, Le Monde, Express styles, VSD, L'Humanité, Photo Magazine, Afrique Asie, Zam Magazine.

Baudouin in Normandy - Congolaise Dream

Baudouin Mouanda carries in this luggage a wedding dress, from his Congo of origin to Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, Sicily, China, the United States, to France and here, to Normandy. A wedding dress that he photographs, worn by different young women in each country, passing from one body to another, from one “dream” to another. Congolaise Dream in Normandy looks back on the different representations of marriage across society in intriguing images lulled with melancholy or humor.

The Great Bath (Adjoining Place Claude Lelouch, opposite the municipal tennis court)