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Hemya ​​moran

Young talent photographer of the 2013 Planche (s) Contact festival

© Hemya ​​Moran for Board (s) Contact 2013

Love in Deauville

"If you googled Deauville, like I did, you will get photos of romantic couples sipping cocktails by the pool, playing on the beach and cuddling in hotel rooms. images there is a promise: a simple girl armed with a bikini, determined enough to hunt (or fish) for men, will end up spending the weekend in the arms of a lover. these scenes with men - complete strangers - that correspond in some way to the description or behaviors represented in Google Images. In each of these encounters captured by my lens, there is a tension between romantic imagery and the reality of My photos will also have their own life in the world of images, they will themselves be swallowed up and integrated into the huge online image bank, which further complicates their relationship with primary reality. "

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