© Sara Moon
© Naïade Plante
© Hélène Reitzaum

"The light of Deauville, a real festival!"

As a fashion and advertisement photographer since 1968, Sarah Moon soon gained recognition and awards in Paris, London, New York, and Tokyo where her exhibitions had a great success. Her photographs have been published in numerous magazines as well as in books (Souvenirs improbables, Le Petit Chaperon rouge, 12345…).

Since 1980, she has created over 150 advertisement films, as well as several feature films. Sarah Moon is the creator of a very personal photographic production, focusing on the fleetingness of beauty, and the passing of time.

Guest of the Planche(s) Contact Festival in 2014, Sarah Moon photographed the beach in winter: a series entitled Deauville face à la mer, presenting a sleeping city in the cold and the storm. "I’ve been very glad to have the opportunity to freely work in Deauville. I’ve spent two days in the fog. It was amazing. I had the privilege to see this festive place under these uncommon conditions. The light changed all the time, it was so beautiful. The straight architectural lines of the houses around me became blurred and endless", claimed the photographer. In Deauville, "the sun disappears and comes back again, the sky is grey and quickly blue again. It’s a real festival!", she added. "I capture privilege, evanescence - the improbable or the beauty – I seek feelings which makes the task that much harder", she wrote. "I often envy those who know how photographing life. I flee from it, I start from nothing, I witness nothing, I invent a story that I do not tell, I imagine a situation that does not exist, I create a place that erases another, I move light, I hope for chance and I hope being pushed while I am taking my photo."