Sara Moon
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Deauville facing the sea

Sarah Moon has been a fashion and advertising photographer since 1968. She quickly won praise and awards in Paris, London, New York and Tokyo, where her exhibitions have been widely noticed. Her photos have been published in numerous magazines and books(Souvenirs improbables, Le Petit Chaperon rouge, 12345...).

Since 1980, she has made over 150 commercials and several feature films. Sarah Moon is the author of a very personal photographic work, highlighting the transience of beauty, the ephemerality and the wear and tear of time.

Invited to the Planche(s) Contact festival in 2014, Sarah Moon photographed the beach of Deauville in the winter, imagining a series entitled Deauville facing the sea, when everything is asleep, numbed by the cold and the storm. "I am delighted to have had this opportunity to work freely in Deauville. I spent two days in the mist. It was beautiful. It felt like a real privilege to see this ever so festive place in these conditions. The light was changing all the time, it was very beautiful. I could see this architecture, and endless lines, when they are usually cut by silhouettes" , the photographer says. In Deauville, "there are breakthroughs of sun, the sky goes from gray to blue, it goes very fast. It's a real festival!" she adds. I photograph privilege, evanescence - the improbable or the beautiful - I look for emotion and the quest is all the more desperate," she wrote. I often envy those who know how to photograph life. Me, I run away from it - I start from nothing - I bear witness to nothing - I invent a story that I don't tell, I imagine a situation that doesn't exist - I create a place where I erase another one, I move the light - I hope for chance and I wish more than anything to be touched at the same time as I aim".

A major exhibition of Sarah Moon's work is scheduled for April 2020 at the Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris.

About the Deauville facing the sea series:
"Carte blanceh - January 8 - winter. The sky merges with the sea - the sea is outlined - the sand is piled up on the boards.
The cold - the silence - the calm - the city has turned off its garlands.
The night falls at 5 o'clock - from my window the cabins, like a stopped train, in front of the deserted street.
The next day the light has changed - nobody on the beach - at the law, a tiny horse. I look at the horizon - I photograph the lines - everything is far. I photograph the absence, the lack, the baths, the suspended time, the reflection of the clouds on the windows of the closed Ciro's.
And so on - at low tide, at high tide - on the Boulevard de la Mer, from one end to the other and up to the seawall - I go, I come, I stop. And then the wind rises - the blue becomes grey - then darker still - and I turn back.
The city was at my back, I stayed facing the sea.
Sarah Moon. 

Since 2019, Sarah Moon is President of the Jury of the Festival Planche(s) Contact.


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