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Modelings of the world
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Thalazur, Cabourg

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A trip to the heart of well-being, a real tour of the world of ancestral modeling techniques which provides soothing for body and mind. In addition to hydrotherapy treatments, there are great massages to relax, energize, detoxify and boost energy. A unique cocktail of treatments to regain a light body relieved of all tension.

• 1 marine scrub with oils and flower petals

Relaxing treatments
• 2 massages in fine seawater rain
• 1 Californian massage
• 1 Abhyanga massage
• 1 hot stone massage
• 1 Lomi-Lomi massage
• 3 hydrojets
• 2 massothermies

Remineralizing treatments
• 3 mineralizing hydromassage baths
• 3 hydromassage baths with flavors from elsewhere
• 3 seaweed wraps with flavors from elsewhere
• 3 jet showers

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