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Akira Mizubayashi

Guest at the 2018 Books & Music Festival

Akira Mizubayashi was born in 1951. After studying at the National University of Foreign Languages ​​and Civilizations in Tokyo (UNALCET), he left for France in 1973 and followed educational training to become a professor of French at the Paul Valéry University in Montpellier. foreign language). He returned to Tokyo in 1976, did a master's degree in modern literature, then in 1979 returned to France as a pupil of the École normale supérieure. Since 1983, he has taught French in Tokyo, successively at Meiji University, UNALCET and, since 2006, at Sophia University. His first book in French A language from elsewhere (Gallimard, collection “One and the other”) appeared in January 2011. He received from the Association of French Language Writers (ADELF) the Literary Prize of Asia and from the French Academy the Prize The influence of French language and literature.

His novel A love of a Thousand Years is in selection for the Books & Music Prize 2018.