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Like the Franciscans, the place is designed as much for adults as for young people who can discover it alone, with family, with friends but also as part of educational tours.

© Anaïs Gadeau - Dicom - City of Lille
© Arnaud Robin
© Arnaud Robin

The Digital Museum: bringing together more than 500 masterpieces from 12 national institutions and museums to discover in digital form, this virtual art gallery is a unique cultural offer. Each course is accompanied by mediation actions.
The Mini Lab: this unprecedented space on the territory allows you to learn DIY and manufacturing. It will allow the makers as well as the novices of tomorrow to create objects and take pleasure in doing it themselves, using digital and innovative tools: 3D printers, digital sewing machines, computers… are complemented by a DIY space where you can work with wood, metal, paint.
The conviviality space: In this fun and friendly space, many activities are accessible to children and families. Projections and meetings will be offered there in conjunction with cultural or association operators. Many documentary resources of the media library will be freely available and you can have a hot drink there.
The virtual reality space: To project yourself into virtual universes and live, equipped with headphones, sensory and interactive experiences.
The reading area:
A reading room is a space specially equipped to enjoy a quiet moment, alone with yourself, with a good book and a hot drink.
The toy library and creative workshop: Creative leisure workshops are offered. You can also play it for free.
Story time: Depending on the age of the children present, different tales are offered.