The “Micro-Folie” event is hosted at the Point de Vue of Deauville for 10 months. In this unusual and multifunctional place focused on culture and art, initiation, fulfilment and creativity are celebrated.

The concept of “Micro-Folie”, an event taking place everywhere in France and promoted by the French Ministry of Culture has the same ambitions of the Franciscaines: spreading cultural content, favouring creation and creativity, promoting social links and exchange. In a way, it allows the cultural team of the Franciscaines to open ahead of schedule a preview of the future equipment -currently under construction-, and favour the development of a new cultural awareness on the territory. The Franciscaines team - museum, media library, fablab and performing arts - has conceived an unrestricted program. Museum works, artistic or informatics workshops, virtual reality, books, matter the supports: anything is implemented to transmit and spread cultural contents.

After a closing period - due to the Planche(s) Contact Festival -, the public will find again in 2020, at the Franciscaines opening, the Micro-Folie spirit.

This event is held in Deauville from December, 2018 and is based on 6 large areas including a digital museum containing 500 treasures of 12 major national institutions: Château de Versailles, Centre Pompidou, Louvre, Musée national Picasso, Musée du Quai Branly, Philharmonie de Paris, Universcience, Réunion des Musées Nationaux et du Grand Palais (RMN-Grand Palais), Festival d’Avignon, Opéra de Paris and Musée d’Orsay.

This place, like the Franciscaines, is designed both for children and adults, who can discover it alone, with their family or friends, sometimes to fulfil an educational purpose.